6 Simple Ways to save money in summer

July 12, 2012 Comments Off

Summer is a good time of the year; the weather is pleasant with tons of functions to attend and places to go. It is certainly a period of spending. Although it is summer time, it does not imply that cutting down your expense is impossible. There are many effective ways to save money through the summer time mentioned below:

Stay away from using the air-conditioning system all the time

During summer time, you should give your air-conditioning system a rest and use fresh air. Open the doors and windows on a warm day and let the fresh air spread in your home, and cooling it. In the process, this will save you a lot on your power bill. You should only turn your air-conditioning system on when the weather condition is incredibly hot, and you really require cool air.

Change Air conditioner filters

For best efficiency, change the air filters in your air-conditioning system. Grimy air filters will impact the effectiveness of the air conditioner and escalate the cooling expenses.

Use the sunlight to dry your clothes

In the summer time, you must use the sunlight to dry your clothes outsides rather than using a dryer. Hang your washing outside and let the sun do the drying for you. You will be saving on energy when you dry your clothes outside in your lawn.

Cook outside

You can cook your foods outside as a way of keeping your home cool. Using the microwave oven or grill will produce a lot of extra heat indoors; this leads to your home to become hot. You can organize to have many of your meals prepared outsides as a way of keeping your house cooler.

Avoid eating at outside

Avoid good restaurants during summer time; otherwise you may be required to spend much more than you planned for. Summer time is a fantastic time to try all those meals that you have been thinking over long time. Invite some friends to have a grilling out at your backyard, and save some cash. Eat less in restaurants and enjoy your home-made dishes while saving some extra cash.

Decrease the time you spend watching TV

It is summer time, so shut down that TV and get active outsides. Go for a swim or vacation during summer time and decrease your electricity bill.

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