6 Simple Tips On How to Keep Frizz Your Hair

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Hair plays an eminent role in the formation of confidence and high self-esteem yielding a pleasant personality among girls. But girls with frizzy hair have to work harder than others in keeping the frizz away. This can include hours of washing, drying and straightening of hair leading girls to believe that it’s better to sit out on social events than being the weird one in a group.

Dealing with frizzed hair can turn out to be one of the worst nightmares a girl could imagine. Everybody likes to have shiny and soft bouncy hair but for some people, maintaining de-frizzed hair can become a headache.
A few simple tips can help you de-frizz and tame those locks.

Do Not Touch
Hair can get easily frizzed withal that tousling and constant touching. Your hands can promote the frizzing process if you keep touching your hair and putting your fingers through it thinking that it’ll de-frizz your hair.

Satin Soft Beauty Sleep
When you’re asleep, you tend to move in unexpected positions and your hair has to deal with the constant moving by being rubbed against the pillowcase. This causes the hair to tangle, leading to split ends and breakage. Reduce the night time friction between your hair and the pillowcase by opting for satin drapery rather than cotton.

Satin is smooth and it’ll help diminish friction and your hair will be less liable to damage or breakage caused during sleep. Plus using a satin head support can help you save time on hairstyle maintenance.

Dab, Don’t Rub
You might be drying out your hair by wringing or rubbing but these methods can prove to be fatal for its texture. Rubbing your hair with a dry towel causes almost the same amount of friction as sleeping on a cotton pillowcase does. Use your hands and press out as much water as you can right before stepping out from a shower.

Get Used to Regular Trimming
Damaged hair causes the appearance of split ends which lead to the frequent frizzing of your hair. Make a habit of getting a nice trim every six to eight weeks. This will help curb your split-ends problem. Be careful though, trimming too much hair at once can ruin your hairstyle and if you live in a humid environment, the shrinkage can make your hair look even shorter than it already is.

Microfiber Towel to the Rescue
Conventional fabrics don’t offer the power of high absorbency that comes along with microfiber. This material can help you dry out damp hair more quickly with minimum damage. Save your hair from being plagued by frizz and opt for a towel weaved with microfiber.

Proper Product Use for Hairstyling
Ideally, hairstyling products should always be introduced to the hair when it’s damp, as it helps sustain the look for a longer period of time. Apply the appropriate leave-in conditioner working it through the ends immediately after a head wash.

Apply an anti-frizz serum along the length and away from the hair roots. Make a habit of regular hair conditioning and ensure that these steps are included for beautiful hair that’s de-frizzed.

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