5 Tips to Save On Your Health Insurance Cost

September 5, 2012 Comments Off

People often go for a health insurance plan while they are active so that they would be able to earn premium on a monthly basis. However, they are unaware about the procedure through which insurance companies determine the rates of health insurance.

Insurance companies take into consideration a few factors to decide the rates of health insurance. Such factors include how fit your family members who are a part of your health plan are, how much are you contributing towards your insurance premium, and your entire health condition, which you should work on so you get to pay a lower rate on your health insurance.

To stay healthy, you can follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Lower your weight: You need to make sure that your weight should remain constant. This way, you will be medically active and your insurance rates will be low. You can check the normality of your weight through BMI range. If incase your BMI results show that your weight comes under the overweight class, then your insurance company will charge you high rates.
  • Work out daily: Health insurance functions also keep a check on your workout schedule. If you maintain your workout practices on a regular basis, this will keep you active and give a positive sign about your health.
  • Reduce your tobacco consumption: If you are a habitual smoker, your health insurance premium will be adversely affected and it might not even give you one of the best quality-based policies that you can get hold of. Tobacco consumption lies in all such products which include smoking. If you plan to hide your smoking habits from your insurance company in order to get a lower insurance rate, you cannot get away with it because majority of the insurance policies include a blood test. This test can easily verify your tobacco consumption. An ideal situation for a smoker will be to apply for a health insurance policy after he has quit smoking and this way he will be able to get low rates on insurance.
  • Avoid alcohol: If you consume alcohol, your health insurance premium can increase. Even if you drink rarely, your insurance rates will be affected. It will be better for you if you avoid alcohol consumption so your insurance company will not find another reason to increase your insurance premium. You need to cut down on drinking long before applying for a health insurance policy.
  • Don’t add information that you don’t remember: If you cannot remember whether you have been diagnosed for some particular disease, don’t add it in your health insurance application. Mention those details only which you remember.

You need to make sure your weight is maintained, your workout practices are on, you are not dependent upon smoking or alcohol and lastly, don’t guess any information regarding your health just to secure low rates for your health insurance policy.

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