5 Things To Know To Save Money in Restaurants

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Ending up with a bill way above what you planned for while eating in a restaurant is not something unusual. Long had gone the time when eating in the restaurant was easy. It was when there was not much competition in business, and the waiters would present before you what you demanded from a few available dishes.

Today, with mean marketing techniques, availability of foreign cuisines and highly competitive restaurants, you get to spend more than what you decided to. Therefore, if you want to save your money next time you must know ways in which restaurants make you spend.

Ways Restaurants Make You Spend

Restaurants use different techniques to get you spending. Next time you go to a restaurant, fix your budget and focus on how they impel you to spend extra. Following are the typical methods.

Salty Snacks

This trick is based on basic science. When you go to a restaurant, you are offered free snacks while you wait for your orders to be served. Salty snacks like popcorn, potato chips, peanuts and pretzels are served. Salt contains sodium, and if you know some of the chemistry, sodium has a high dehydrating effect that can get your craving for an expensive bottle of beer or cocktail in minutes.

The Daily Special

Do you know a restaurant that offers a special deal that changes every day? Yes, there are many. The trick is easy; they serve you with the food that is to expire quite soon. While some restaurants do these others offer deals and specials that come with no savings. If you look at the normal costs of the items in a deal, you will find that they are not giving you many discounts but urging you to buy more in the name of “The Daily Special.”

All You Can Eat

This is an offer that most savvy restaurateurs use to attract large crowds. In an “all you can eat” offer, you have to pay a high price at the entry. Following this, they use various visual and positioning tactics to appreciate you to fill up your belly with cheap food like salad and bread sticks. Having your hunger pacified you don’t eat a lot of expensive food.

Moreover, beverages are not usually included in “all you can eat” offer. Restaurateurs make the most of this time and sell their expensive beverages to further increase their profit.

Waiting Lounge

This is the place where bar servers and waiters will offer you delicious appetizers and beverages while you wait for an open table. Many a times it happens that you see few open tables though you are forced to wait in the lounge. Everyone will need something to dulcify the hunger while waiting for their number. For this, you must pay that extra dollar for the appetizers and drink.

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