5 Things that Your Doctor Wishes You Would Follow

June 14, 2012 Comments Off

If you were a doctor yourself, you would know how tough it is for doctors to take care of their patients. Here are few things that your doctor wishes you would follow:

Stop believing everything you read on the internet.

Doctors like patients who are well-informed and who research about their medical conditions. Things become complicated when individuals look up their symptoms and assume they have medical conditions that they certainly don’t. The assumed disease or medical condition causes them to panic. Doctors advise individuals to leave the “diagnosis” to them. Furthermore, individuals should realize that websites are not regulated by any medical authority so facts and information posted online are not regulated or checked. These are reasons why you should not trust information found online unless it is from authentic and regulated websites. Lastly, if you read any articles that you believe can benefit your medical condition, make sure you confirm with your doctor first.

Don’t hide symptoms or personal aspects of your life from the doctor.

If a patient answers every question that a doctor asks, it will help the doctor diagnose the patient correctly. Sometimes the doctor will have to ask personal questions to diagnose the patient. Research shows that patients are reluctant to share personal aspects of their lives because they feel it’s of no importance. Experts say otherwise, if you are laid off from work, then the stress might be making your health ten times worse.

Consume over-the-counter drugs without authorization or guidance

Don’t assume over-the-counter drugs are safe just because they are sold in medical stores. Over-the-counter drugs are only safe if you follow your doctor’s direction and take the recommended amount. Furthermore, never exceed the labeled dosage.

Try the new tests or scans

There are many tests and scans like virtual colonoscopy or a CT scan. You might want to try these tests if you discover them to be useful but do not take the tests without your doctor’s recommendation. Sometimes your doctor might have a simpler and cheaper test that just might be more informative.

Don’t mess with your medications

All doctors have serious reasons for recommending a combination of medication or specific dosage of drugs. Particular drugs like antibiotics might have a negative reaction if you don’t follow the right dosage. Alternatively, the medication might be less effective if don’t consume it at the right time. You should always take your medicine as directed by your doctor.

So make your doctor’s life easier by following the advice listed above. It will significantly benefit your health too because then your doctor can treat you correctly.

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