5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-free

May 30, 2012 Comments Off

Keeping your refrigerator clean is a easy task. You need to throw out things you don’t need and simply keep it neat and organized. Unfortunately, keeping your kitchen clean is a more difficult task. Unlike the refrigerator, the kitchen has many cupboards, cabinets and counters. Furthermore, your kitchen might be filled with items you don’t need. However, you are reluctant to throw them away just in case some day you need them. Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen organized and clean:

1) Keep your items stored where you are most likely to use them. According to Allan Young, who is the CEO of ShelfGenie, divide the kitchen into sections or zones. He stresses on placing all the food preparation tools like cutting boards; mixing bowls and measuring cups in one place. This place should be the largest available workspace in the kitchen. Items like pots, potholders, bake ware and pans should all be kept near the stove. While all the serving supplies like plates, glassware, napkins and flatware should be stored near the dining room.  By storing all your items like this, you will have an easier time locating things in your kitchen.

2) Utilize the space between the ceiling and cabinets Bill Kissock is an interior designer who works for The Living Space. He emphasizes that individuals waste a lot of space by not utilizing the space between the cabinets’ top surface and ceiling.  Make sure you build cabinets up until the ceiling so that no space is wasted.

3) Store all items that you don’t use for a week. Always store all items that you don’t use more than once in a week. Find proper storage places for such items and keep them safely. If you are using these items more than once in a month, then keep these items where they are easily accessible.  However, if you don’t remember ever using these items, then you need to consider throwing them away because they take up unnecessary space.

4) Hang small items in the back of your kitchen or pantry’s door Kristi Meyer, who is a certified Professional Organizer, says that a hanging shoe organizer is the best thing to store small items like toothpicks, chip clips, recipe cards, straws and sandwich bags behind your kitchen door. This will be de-clutter all your kitchen drawers. Meyer also advises to use a Velcro tap or cup-holder screws to hang the shoe organizer so that its hooks don’t show from the top of the door.

5) Keep your kitchen’s traffic flow smooth If your family members are constantly bumping into each other that means your kitchen is too small. The best way to make space in your kitchen is by removing unwanted large items from the way. Furthermore, keep your breakfast stuff and lunch supplies in two different corners. This will open up the flow of traffic, and everybody will have sufficient elbowroom.

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