5 Simple Tips to Detoxify Your Kitchen

October 12, 2012 Comments Off

With technology advancing at rapid speed, it is no wonder that we have so many products filled with harmful substances. Protecting your body from these dangerous substances and chemicals has become a full-time job. Did you know that your kitchen is filled harmful products? If you want to stay clear of such products, here are five tips on how to detoxify your kitchen:

Don’t buy non-stick pans
Non-stick cookware might seem like less trouble because they are easy-to-use and clean. However, they come with a heavy price – your health. Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are found in non-stick cookware.  These man-made chemicals are related with all sorts of health problems. According to research, PFCs in large quantity can damage the liver and other organs. In experiments, when pregnant rats and mice have been exposed to PFCs, they have exhibited developmental problems. If you don’t want your family members to be exposed to PFCs, don’t use scratched up pots and pans. Planet Green recommends using stainless steel pans and cast-iron cookware.

Use glass containers
Plastic containers are easily available at cheap prices. These containers might be durable but when exposed to high temperature for a long time, they start releasing harmful chemicals. IBisphenoal A (BPA) is one chemical that you should particularly be wary of. Studies show that when lab mice were exposed to BPA, there was an increase in diabetes, cancer and changes in menstrual cycles.  This is why you are better off with kitchenware made from glass.

Decrease paper use
Most kitchen paper products are bleached with chlorine. The bleaching process contributes harmful chemicals in the environment. Opt for paper products that are totally chlorine free (TCF) or processed chlorine free (PCF). You can also use tea towels, which will be ten times better because they are not made from paper. Plus, they are reusable.

Quit using the air fresheners
It is nice to walk into a kitchen that smells great. This doesn’t necessarily mean that air fresheners are good for your health. The Environment Working Group (EWG) especially recommends not using sweet smelling odor maskers. These mask odors are designed to contaminate the air with numerous chemicals that would be toxic for your family members and you. The EWG added that chemicals like phthalates are included in fresheners. Phthalates disrupts the hormones and causes birth defects in the male reproductive system.

Remodel your kitchen
If you are bored with your kitchen, then it is high time you remodeled it. This is also a great opportunity to make your kitchen more environment-friendly. Take your time to select the kitchen appliances and cabinetry. For example, choose cabinets that are formaldehyde-free. Buy an electric stove, so you don’t need to breathe in gas fumes.  For your floors, select tiles that are made from non-toxic and renewable surfaces. Cork flooring is usually the best option. Lastly, paint your kitchen walls with paint that has no volatile organic compounds.

By detoxifying your kitchen, you are also helping to preserve the environment!

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