5 Reasons Why Drinking Wine in Moderation Is Healthy

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It is okay to sit back and relax with a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day. After all didn’t our founding father Benjamin Franklin say, “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with few tensions and more tolerance.” Sipping wine is not only relaxing, it turns out that it has good health benefits too. In fact, many physicians have listed wine’s health benefits since the ancient times. Now extensive new research supports that wine really does have many health benefits. However, moderation is the “key.”

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guideline, women can enjoy one glass of wine per day, while men can indulge two glasses of wine. On the other hand, individuals who are addicted to alcohol or are on medication, and pregnant women cannot drink wine.
If you fall under the 55% of Americans, who can indulge in a glass of wine daily then you should know the five reasons why it is okay to toast a glass of wine to your health:

The French Paradox: Your heart benefits from wine
In 1992, a research that studied the French, found that though they eat a high-saturated fat diet, yet they have 36% lower chance of getting heart disease. Researchers believe that aromatic red wine contains strong antioxidants, and it has the ability to boost omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, another study conducted showed that wine drinkers have 34% less risk of stroke.

Brain Cells Stay Healthy
Drinking wine in moderation helps reduce the loss of brain function diseases like dementia and Alzheimer. This was supported by two new studies conducted in Denmark and Sweden.

Wine stops many age-related diseases
Red wine contains a unique compound known as resveratrol. Many studies support that resveratrol protects individuals from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and inflammation.

It stops certain types of cancer
Research shows that drinking a glass of red wine every day can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by half. In addition, it also lowers the chance of Barrett’s Esophagus by 56%! This disease precedes esophageal cancer thus stopping Barrett’s esophagus also keeps esophageal cancer at bay. Lastly, resveratrol is known to destroy pancreatic cancer cells.

Individuals who enjoy wine eat healthier food
It might sound like a stereotype that beer drinkers eat only fried food while wine drinkers enjoy food with lean protein. However, broad research supports this statement. Wine drinkers really do have a healthier diet. A survey found that individuals who drank wine ate different fruits and vegetables, poultry, low-fat cheese, meat, milk and olives. However, beer drinkers ate frozen food, cold cut, soft drink, food with refined sugar and pork. Better yet, contrary to the common belief that says a glass of wine makes you gain weight, research says otherwise.

On a final note, earthy wine might sound amazing but remember it does not cure all diseases. Furthermore, you should drink wine in moderation because excessive alcohol consumption can trigger cellular changes that help certain cancer cells to grow. Drinking more than three glasses of alcoholic drinks also increase the risk of breast cancer.

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