5 Makeup Trends for the 2012 Holiday Season

November 21, 2012 Comments Off

The holiday season is all about glitter, glitz and glam, and nowhere is that more obvious than with this season’s makeup trends. Whether you opt for purple cheetah printed lipstick or glitter eye shadow in a bold hue, holiday style is all about the attention-getting details. Don’t be afraid to pump up the color, add a bit of sparkle and show off your holiday style!

Get Funky with Hot Press-On Styles
When you need a hot new look for the club or a holiday party, opt for one of the new press-on lipstick styles from Violent Lips. These temporary tattoos are designed to be worn on the lips and come in bright colors, animal prints, glitter or printed with clever catch phrases.

Choose Silver and Gold
Skip the Burl Ives tunes this Christmas, and opt instead to enjoy these metallic tones as part of your makeup routine. Whether you opt for silver eyeliner, a dash of gold eye shadow or choose a gloss or lipstick with metallic accents, you can’t go wrong when you add a bit of holiday sparkle to your look. There’s no time like the holidays to break out the silver, gold and glitter. It doesn’t matter if you prefer small eye makeup accents or an all over glittery body powder because it’s easy to make your holiday season shine.

Pair Bright Lips with Subdued Makeup
One trend stood out on the runways this season. Bold, bright red lipstick is the winner. Celebrities made the color pop by focusing on matte lipstick and solid lip liner. Other makeup was more subdued, allowing them to let their lips do the talking. Get this look by focusing on neutral or nude shades for your eyeliner and eye shadow.

Choose Bold Jewel Tones
When choosing eye shadow, lipstick and more this season, go with bold jewel-toned colors. Think ruby reds, emerald greens and dark violets. When taking advantage of these deep hues, balance is your goal. If you decide to work with a dramatic color palette for your eye makeup, make sure you balance it with a nude or neutral shade on your lips. Dark plums and purples are especially popular this holiday season, and they pair well with the metallic shades and deep lip stains that are also making their mark.

Go Bold with Graphic Eyeliner
We’re all familiar with the dramatic cat eyed eyeliner look, but this season’s makeup trends bump things up a notch. Bold black eyeliner is applied in cat eyes, notched looks and funky geometric patterns for an eye-catching and appealing come-hither gaze. Add highlights with glitter eyeliner or a fine brush for an even bigger impact, and your favorite sparkly eyes shadow. Silver and gold are great for this wintery look.

Liven up your makeup case for the holidays with bright red lipstick, glitter and sparkles and some of the hottest eyeliner trends we’ve seen in years. Whether you’re going to the office holiday party or to a special gala for New Year’s Eve, your new makeup look is sure to garner the attention it deserves.

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