5 Hot Drinks To Fix Those Winter ‘Brrrrs

November 23, 2012 Comments Off

There’s nothing nicer in the winter months that sitting down with a steaming hot drink to warming up. These 5 favourites will keep you warm and toasty until spring time.

1. Hot Chocolate - Curling up with a hot cup of cocoa in front of the telly is closest many of us come to bliss. Add cream and marshmallows for a truly decadent treat. You could also try one of the many additional flavours on offer which traditionally come in mint, orange and hazelnut.

If this sounds like far too much for your waistline then you’re in luck, a number of suppliers have slimline versions, so you can enjoy your favorite treat without worrying about those pesky calories.

2. Honey and Lemon – Fresh honey and lemon juice combined together with boiling water may not sound that special, but you need to try it. It’s perfect for fighting off those winter colds, and is quick and easy for you to make at home.

3. Horlicks – The perfect hot drink before you hit the hay, Horlicks gentle malt blend will have you snoozing in no time. There are a variety of flavors on offer, from the popular original to chocolate orange. Just add hot water or milk to the powder formula and you’re good to go.

 4. Mulled Wine – If you love wine, when the temperature drops there’s nothing better than having it hot. This festive treat is mulled with tasty spices and will keep you warm over the winter months. It’s perfect for when you fancy a tipple and want to beat those winter ‘brrrrs’.

5. Coffee – Okay, you can have coffee all year, but there’s such a range of flavors on offer that it’s the perfect drink to keep you warm all winter. Nothing beats a freshly brewed Colombian coffee in the morning, it can help to wake you up and keep you toasty while the heating kicks in!

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