5 Good Money Habits You Want Your Teens to Learn

September 3, 2012 Comments Off

Financial understanding is very important for everyone to realize their financial responsibilities and to have a financially stable future. Teens should also be familiarized with it through opening their bank accounts, understanding family budgets or by taking some financial dependability.

Linking education and hard work with financial future
It is very important to make children and teens realize how education and hard work are correlated to their financial future. Thus they should be well informed about savings and expenditures. This importance of education and hard work should be communicated to the children very effectively. Parents should guide them as much as they can, to make them prepared to earn a financially stable future.

An access to different bank accounts
Teenagers should be given the access to different types of accounts like current, saving, joint, etc. A joint account can be opened if you want to know about your teen’s cash transactions. A saving account is needed when your teen is earning and you want to earn a good return on it.

Provide incentives
Involve your teens in certain deals where they have to learn to manage their savings. For instance, if they want to save in order to make a heavy purchase, make them learn the concept of saving and give them incentives so they are able to learn more and manage it well. With the incentives provided, they will become more motivated and can earn higher saving returns. Thus, these dealings can be very helpful at times. Along with the heaving purchases, teens will also learn to bear expenses.

Let your teens manage their expenses by themselves
Allow your teens to save their money and learn to bear their expenses on their own. It will be a healthy learning experience for them, as they will have to manage their expensive purchases by themselves through savings. Parents should always be there to help their teens out, but they should also give them the leverage to manage their expenses by themselves. Parents should not be too much of a help and they should make their teens understand the sense of financial responsibility.

Be careful with your budgets and spending
Spend your money very cautiously and follow a monthly family budget so that your teen can learn from you. Make your teen understand budgetary decisions and ask for their suggestion. Limit your spending through purchasing cheap products, as long as they fulfill your requirements. Also, limit the usage of your credit card and use cash more often.

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