5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Dust-Free

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Dusting your home might be a tedious task, but if you want a dust-free home, then you need to use your dust rag and feather duster daily. Moreover, if you keep a dusty home, then you are at risk of allergies. According to Sabrina Fierman, who is the vice president of a cleaning company called New York’s Little Elves, the accumulation of dust can lead to all sort of allergies, respiratory problems and asthma.

Worst of all, dusting might look like an easy and simple task, in reality, you are spreading the dust around and allowing it to resettle in the room. Here are tips on how to dust your house properly:

1) First remove everything from your house.
Fierman advises to remove all small and unnecessary items from the house, before you start to dust. This will make dusting easier for you because you will be able dust places that were difficult to access. Rugs and floor accessories should be dusted outside. Furthermore, don’t forget to dust household items like wall clocks and pictures frames. Remove them from the wall, dust and clean them properly before putting them back on the wall.

2) Dust everything thoroughly
When your room is bare, you can start dusting thoroughly. Take your dust rag or dust cloth and start dusting high places first. This is important because when any dust falls down on the lower surface then you can easily sweep it later. In addition, always clean in one direction. For example, dust either clockwise or counter clockwise. Lastly, when your dust cloth starts getting too dusty, be sure to shake off the excess dust outside before you continue cleaning.

3) Clean all the out-of-the-reach places regularly
Every room has a spot that is difficult to reach. However, that is no excuse for cleaning such places. Apart from the dust cloth, keep a small paintbrush so that you can access such problematic areas like behind the television or on top of the cabinet or small nooks. Fierman recommend using vacuum cleaner for high places. Furthermore, never clean and dust cobwebs with a damp dust rag. You will end up staining your wall.

4) Furniture
It is important that you dust your furniture properly. A vacuum cleaner is the best tool to clean the fabric furniture and couch’s upholstery. Once you have finished dusting the furniture, you can then clean the floor. After cleaning the floor, mop your floors to remove all traces of dust.

5) Clean your bathroom with sponge
In bathrooms, you usually find encrusted dust so clean the bathroom with a wet sponge. If you encounter tough dirt, then tackle it with an old toothbrush

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