5 Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodelling

November 7, 2012 Comments Off

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home, but it can be more expensive than you think. Tearing down tiling, laying new flooring and replacing appliances doesn’t come cheap. However, with careful thought and planning everyone can save money on their kitchen remodel. Here are 5 easy tips to help get you the kitchen of your dreams, for a fraction of the price.

1. Refinishing instead of replacing -It’s not only expensive to replace all your appliances, fixtures and fittings, it’s largely unnecessary. If they’re functioning well and structurally sound, it’s often just the design that needs a revamp. You can refinish a variety of products including tiles, worktops, cabinets and even appliances to give you the latest designer look for less. If you choose a reputable refinishing company the results can be truly staggering and look as good as new.

2. Shop when the deals are hot – If you do need to buy some expensive items for your remodel then make sure you buy them at the right time as you can save a packet. Many retailers have sales in January to clear out the previous years stock, so you can often pick up a real bargain.

3. Do as much as you can yourself – Hiring a laborer is expensive and although there are some things you should leave to the professionals, like the gas and electrics, there’s a lot you can learn to do yourself. Installing new cabinets simply involves assembling a flat pack, and other jobs such painting and tiling are well within reach of the most amateur DIY enthusiast.

4. Keep major fixtures -Moving the major fixtures and fittings such as electrics, gas and plumbing will seriously hike up the cost of your remodel. Instead try working with the basic infrastructure you have and create your new kitchen around it. It may feel like you won’t notice the difference, but once it’s been repainted and fitted with new units, you won’t believe the change it can make.

5. Choose a design and colour scheme that dates well -Save yourself remodeling your kitchen again the near future by choosing a simple design that dates well. That red designer worktop may be hot in 2012, but you wouldn’t be seen dead with it in 2015. Stick to simple colors, clean designs and durable quality materials. Opting for the cheapest products will cost you more if they wear out quickly.

By planning ahead you can get the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank, the key is to use your shopping savvy and only invest your money where it matters. Trust me, $350 for a chrome tap won’t seem like a good idea in a years time, but investing in quality materials will make your remodel functional and help it stand the test of time.

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