5 Easy Steps to clean Windows

April 19, 2012 Comments Off

Many people feel that cleaning windows is a tough chore and takes a lot of time. Many people spend a handsome amount of money on window cleaning products, which is not necessary you could use products commonly found in your kitchen to help you clean the windows. What is wrong with using rags and spray bottles to clean windows? Well, when you use the rag, and it gets wet with the solution it never really, dries because it absorbs the solution leaving you with window streaks. A few easy steps can help you get rid of window streaks!

Planning: The first step is to determine a good time of the day when the sun is not shining directly on your window. The reason why you need to avoid the sun is that when the rays of the sun hit the window, it dries the solution that causes window streaks.

Pre-cleaning: Start the second step by Putting on rubber gloves for protection. Clean your window with a soft brush or rag to get rid of the dust or webs, and for cleaning the frame.

Preparations: There are no hard or long preparations for the solution. Just mix 1 part of hot water and 1 part of vinegar (white).

Avoidance: Always keep a dry towel or an absorbent cloth with you during cleaning. Place it on the window ledge.

Wet: Use a sponge soak it with the solution (not dripping wet) apply the solution you made before to the glass making sure that it does not touch the frames. Try to get rid of as much dust as possible. Then you need a squeegee before using it on the windows glass slightly wet its rubber blade so it does not skip.

Wipe and Clean: Start at the upper corner, with a firm hand make a confident stroke using the squeegee. Then after the first stroke wipes the rubber blade of the squeegee with a lint-free cloth or a sponge. Then clean the rest of the window glass with the squeegee moving it across the bottom of the glass of the window. Once you are done with it then dry the ledge of the window. Clean the frame of the window with a cloth damped with all-purpose cleaner (non-ammonia) and water. Using a damp cloth rinse it fully to remove the cleaning solution, and then dry it right away with a clean and dry cloth.

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