43 Body Language Tips (Special Report)

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According to a research, 93% of the impression you leave on people is based on your body language, and 7% of the impression is based on what you say.The extra-ordinary elite people naturally attract others. They keep others interested in them with the power of their body language. Elite people know very well that the words that come out of mouth aren’t virtually as valuable as body language. And, others unconsciously make tons of urgent guesses about you within the first few seconds of meeting.That’s why elite people build attraction rapidly. They know very well that body language and attraction is not only about standing straight or steady eye contact.

“It’s all about connecting to people within a few minutes of meeting them.”

If you want to be an Elite Person then you need to connect to people with the power of your body language. Because, if there isn’t any connection, then there isn’t any attraction.

So, how to connect with people like an Elite woman with the power of your body language? I’ve arranged 43 body language tips for you that will help you to attract others and create a hypnotic impact on them.

1. Nod Your Head
Keep nodding your head slowly while talking to others. It helps others calm down and show understanding. People want to feel ‘IMPORTANT’. When you nod your head while listening, it not only makes them feel important but also connected to you. It’s literally the quickest way to connect with others… without even saying a single word.

Moreover, you can also lightly ‘Rub your Chin’ while listening. This bright gesture displays that the listener is focused on every word you are saying.

2. Authoritative Gaze
What is the secret of Elite Leaders? Why they always look so commanding? Well, it is because they use Business/Authoritative Gaze. If you want to be‘AUTHORITATIVE’ and ‘IMPORTANT’ then use the Authoritative Gaze.

What is Authoritative gaze?

The person whose eye level is highest is mostly considered as the leader. “Keep your line of vision in the area from the eyes to the mid-forehead”. Elite people and leaders use this authoritative gaze in order to put themselves in a clear position of the Authority. That’s why people always give them special attention and respect.

In a group, successful leaders and entrepreneurs must use this authoritative gaze for proving their ‘Elite Status’.

3. Running Your Fingers Through Your Hair
People commonly run their fingers through their hair when they don’t know what to say. The viewer who can study body-language knows the person is lacking in confidence. And, he doesn’t know what to do or say next. So, always avoid running your fingers through their hairs – especially in business meetings, or in social gatherings.

Playing with your hair is completely different. In dating, it’s a sign of flirt and attraction.

4. I Can’t Believe
Holding both hands behind the back of your neck while pointing your elbows forward shows that you are feeling down, or you can’t believe in the current situation. You can easily notice this gesture on sports channels, or during some match.

5. Know-It-All
Touching your fingertips during a conversation means a person is confident that he knows much about the topic which he is discussing.

You can see many celebrities using this gesture in talk shows. Business owners often use this gesture during meetings while discussing tough matters.

6. I’m Blue
Walking with your hands in pockets makes you look dejected. A person usually does this when he is depressed, unhappy or sad about something.

7. Stroking chin – “I’m judging you”
You can generally find people stroking their chins with their fingers while talking. It means they are trying to judge the other person, or what the other person is saying. Also, stroking chin generally means that a person is trying to make a decision on something.

8. Point of Aggression
Pointing fingers at the person you are talking to shows the sign of aggression. So, never use this gesture, especially in front of your friends and family members. This shows your weak side and puts you in a negative frame.

9. Tone of Your Voice
This is a very useful tool to judge others. If someone considers you as their equal, their tone will be normal in front of you, neither too high nor too low. But, if someone’s voice tone is higher than usual, it means they are trying to dominate you at the moment.

10. Mirroring Actions
It is a common gesture. If you notice someone mirroring your actions, it means they are trying to impress you and build the rapport. If you feel someone’s mirroring your actions, then you can confirm it by changing your body positions, and gestures, deliberately.

11. I’m thinking of You
When people look upwards on the left side, it is likely that they are thinking about you, or thinking about the past, or trying to remember something important.

12. Pulling The Ear – “What to do?”
If you find someone pulling his ear, it is most likely he is doubtful or uncertain about something.

13. There’s Something Fishy
When someone unusual touches his nose or slightly rubs it, that person might be having doubts about something. Also, there is a strong chance that he is lying to you… Watch out next time if you catch someone doing it.

14. I’m Not Interested
If you find someone playing with his cell, pen, paper or anything while you are talking to him, it means he is not interested in whatever you are saying, or he is trying to avoid you. Moreover, playing with any object, or just moving your hands, shows the sign of a careless attitude… You should avoid this gesture at any cost. Because, it presents you as an unfriendly person.

15. Make Me Smile
Have you ever noticed that when you give someone a smile, he usually smiles back at you? According to psychologists, it happens because we subconsciously imitate those things which we see. When we look at someone and give him a smile, he tends to smile too… This is a very useful and effective gesture that can compel others to notice you in a positive light.

16. I’m Frustrated Now
Whenever you see someone running fingers through his hair, you should know, he is frustrated about something… You should also avoid this gesture. It gives away signs of your frustration, and it waters down your positive aura.

17. I Can’t Believe It
A person looks down, or just turns his face away, when he’s in disbelief. Look for this gesture during conversations, and you’ll know where you should press your point more clearly & strongly.

18. Winning The Audience
People usually start rubbing their palms, or both of their hands, when they anticipate something. If you see people doing this gesture, it probably means they are interested in whatever you’re going to show them, and you are winning your audience.

19. Keep Your Drinks Low
When having a drink with someone, don’t hold it in front of your body. Instead, hold it beside your leg. Keeping anything in front of your body increases the psychological distance between you and the person in contact. And, others don’t feel connected with you on a deeper level.

20. I Feel Fine With You
Use hand gestures which keep your palms up most of the times. This gesture demonstrates your openness and friendliness. People believe in your words, and feel good around you.

21. You Are Making It Interesting
During a conversation with someone, if you notice him leaning in towards you, it indicates that you have successfully triggered his interest level in you.

22. I Can Understand What You Are Saying
When listening to someone, try to nod with your head and eyes at the strong points. This silent gesture shows others that you are listening actively and you understand very well that what they are trying to deliver. You mostly use this gesture when you have not utterly agreed with others, but you still think that some points are agreeable.

23. I’m The Champ
Keeping your hands clasped behind your head and “crossing your legs” indicates that a person is feeling superior in the current situation. People tend to make this posture when they complete a hard task or finish their assignment before others.

24. Avoid Multitasking
Avoid multitasking. It’s bad. It shows that you have a complex personality. So, instead, handle one thing at a time and focus on your target like a guided missile. It not only saves your times, but also keeps a positive energy around you.

25. Lion’s Eye
Keep your eyes focused while talking to someone. Looking here and there without maintaining focus can give people the feeling that you are being dishonest or uncomfortable.

26. Don’t Stand Too Close
Standing too close to someone makes them feel uncomfortable. You should maintain a gap of at least 4 feet. Now, of course, you can, and you should, cross this boundary when you are with your good friends, or with your lover.

27. Won’t Let You Get Over Me
Keeping your palms down all the time gives away the signs of dominance and aggression. You should choose wisely when to keep them down and when to keep them up.

28. Leave Me Alone
Looking down and keeping your head low shows your lack of interest. Some people perceive it as a sign of arrogance too. Keep your head straight and maintain eye contact with people around you.

29. Toffee Eyes
High blinking rate is a sign of nervousness. People’s rate of eye blinking increases when they are anxious about something. Stay calm and try to slow down your eye blinking rate, especially when you start to feel nervous… When you blink your eyes quickly with nervousness, it shows that you have toffee eyes, and you are so uncomfortable.

30. I’m About to Suicide
Sitting on the edge of your chair is a clear sign which displays physical and mental uneasiness. It makes others around you feel a bit uncomfortable as well.

31. I Want to Quit This Conversation
If you are having a conversation with someone, don’t shift your body weight from one foot to another for more than once in every 2 to 3 minutes. You can make people think you want to end the conversation.

32. I Like You
One gesture which is a signal of genuine likeness is smiling with a tilted head. If you notice someone making this gesture while talking to you, it means they really like you, and they are happily engaged in conversation with you.

33. Touch Me
Look out for your partner’s gestures when you’re with them. If you see them touching their neck or thighs while looking at you, it means they want you to initiate some sexual move.

34. Quit Ninja Style
Taking small steps while walking. It water downs your personality. It shows that you are not a confident person… Confident people do not take small steps. Instead, they take large steps to look confident and authoritative.

35. Warm Palms
We all know that a firm handshake is very important for a good first impression. But, when you have warm palms, you add enthusiasm in your handshake… Handshake with cold palms often radiates negative & cold impression of you. That’s why, try to keep your palms warm, especially when you are in some important social gathering.

36. I’m On Guard
You simply can’t socialize if you are crossing your arms in front of your chest. It emits negative energy. It makes you look reserved.

37. Grooming Properly
Confident body language comes from a properly groomed body. If you’ve brushed your teeth, worn perfect clothes and groomed yourself properly, you’ll automatically walk and talk confidently, and act like an elite person.

38. Dress For Your Tone
Elite people never look out of place. They fit themselves in the situation through their dress tone. They adjust their clothing according to the occasion. And, that’s one of the reasons why they look so charismatic.

39. Slow Down A Bit
Don’t make your movements too fast, it makes you look nervous. Take control of your body, you have to slow down your body movements in order to be noticed. Slow body movements show your strength.

40. Learn From Heroes
You cannot simply research and start making good gestures perfectly; you need to learn some of them practically too. Try observing the body language of your favorite heroes. If you want to act like a president, watch the videos, and speeches, of your favorite president. If you want to look like a vampire, watch the movies about vampires and notice their body language.

This way helps you to decide how you want to appear in the eyes of others.

41. Use Their Names
Dale Carnegie, a famous author, once said “The sweetest sound to a person’s ear is their own name.” So, use people’s names while talking to them. It doesn’t count in body language but it boosts your overall body language power and bring charm to your personality.

42. The Magic Touch
It is a difficult thing to master, but it can bring extremely powerful results. The key touching areas are upper arm, shoulders and hands. Try to give perfectly timed touches with your fingertips on these key areas while talking to others. Your touch should be light and brief. This builds familiarity, and others feel closest to you.

43. Directions Show Attraction
“Body points to where the mind wants to go.” Look for people’s feet and their knees. Because, we tend to point our feet and knees towards those we are attracted to.

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