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4 Diet Changes For Better Results

diet changes

diet changes

I always say losing weight is nothing more than a numbers game. While there are other things that go into it, as long as you are burning more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It really is that simple. The problem however is that it is not easy.

More than half of the women who set out on a weight loss journey give up within the first few weeks. Hopefully with this article I can show you that it doesn’t take a lot to start seeing results. Its all about making small changes that can have a huge impact. Here are four simple changes you can make to your diet that are guaranteed to get you better results.

#1 – Make Water Your Beverage of Choice

When trying to lose weight most people will opt for drinks that claim to have zero sugar. And even if these claims are accurate, the drinks are often loaded with other additives and preservatives that equate to massive calories. One can of soda could easily be close to 200 calories. Drink 3 sodas a day and you will have consumed 600 calories that have absolutely no nutritional value.

Replace all of those sugary drinks with water. Doing so will have an immediate impact on how you feel. And yes, you can lose weight by simply cutting back on the amount of sugary drinks you consume.

If drinking water is boring to you, spice things up by adding in a little lemon and cucumber. Let it get nice and cold and you have yourself one delicious drink.

#2 – Cut Down Your Portion Sizes

We now live in a super size me society. People want as much food as they can possibly get in one setting. This mentality is one of the biggest reasons we have a serious obesity problem in this great nation of ours. Losing weight is not just about calorie control, its also about portion control.

Most people feel if they cut their portion sizes they will be hungry all day. This isn’t necessarily true. The key is meal timing. That’s why you often hear those in the fitness industry say they eat 5 or 6 meals a day. Some eat even more than that.

Just because they are eating multiple times a day doesn’t mean they are consuming more calories. They are simply cutting down on their portions and spreading it out over the course of a day. When you eat in this fashion, your body never has the chance to get hungry.

#3 – Choose Healthier Snacks

What are you snacking on right now? Is it a bag of chips? If so what kind? You see, snacking in and of itself is not a bad thing. Its how you snack that makes all the difference. If you love chips, try a bag of fat free chips. Most taste just as good minus the calories.

Other great options include fruit, frozen fruit bars, yogurt and cereal bars. Always prepare your snacks in advance. This way you can just grab them and go.

#4 – Go Easy On The Sides

Don’t get me wrong, I love potato salad and macaroni and cheese as well, the problem is they are loaded with calories. Its okay to enjoy these foods on occasion, just don’t overdo it. Get one spoonful and fill the rest of your plate up with lean protein sources, fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, these changes can easily be adapted into your current diet. And though they are small, they will produce remarkable results. Not only will you feel better, but you will notice your waistline shrinking as well.


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