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16 Blogs You Should Definitely Check Out


When you type a search into Google, all you’ll normally see is a bunch on generic articles from “The Big Guys“.

They make content for wide audiences and don’t always have the same personal information as a one person blog.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite blogs that you may never have found through Google.

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So, in no particular order;

1. Melissa Lamberth –

Witness My Fitness
Melissa is a christian mother of 3 kids with the goal of being strong, not thin. She writes posts on home workouts, being a better mom, home recipes and her favorite music to workout too. If these things interest you, you should definitely check her out!


2. Chrissa Benson –

Physical Kitchness

Chrissa inspires you to eat cleaner, be leaner and find time in your crazy schedule to workout and plan healthy meals. She posts about workouts, money saving tips and delicious healthy recipes. Check her out now by clicking the image or link above!


3. Elise Cohen Ho –

Elise Cohen Ho
Elise is a killer natural health and lifestyle therapist, health and wellness business consultant and #1 Amazon bestselling author. She posts about everything from recipes to wellness and lifestyle articles. She also offers courses and eBooks.


4. Eloise Kulesz –

Elle K Fitness

Elle’s site offers workout tutorials and training tips. She’s a personal trainer and exercise science student and has a vlog on YouTube. No matter what you want to know about training – Elle has the answers.


5. Kerin Monaco –

Kerin Monaco

Kerin has been practicing yoga since 2003 but knuckled down fully in 2012. She started teaching yoga in 2013 and now has over 500 hours of teaching under her belt. Luckily for you, she has an awesome blog where you can get yoga information for free!


6. Elizabeth Falcigno –

The Clean Eating Couple

The clean eating couple (or Elizabeth Falcigno & Tyler Marino as their mothers know them) are old high school friends who are focused on nutrition and exercise. They’re always looking for new ideas to use at the gym as well as better ways to eat clean – and then share them with you of course.


7. Emily McClain Allen –

Thats What I Eat

Emily has an inspirational weight loss story. Through cleaning up her family’s diet, and finding a new exercise routine she loves, she was able to drop 70 pounds in the space of a year. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned to be a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She now coaches people and helps them change their lives.


8. Lyda Borgsteijn –

The Primal Rabbit

Lyda is a creative lifestyle & business consultant as well as a certified nutrition & health coach and nutritional therapy student. She posts nutrition and lifestyle articles as well as some on what food can do to your body other than nutritional intake.


9. Nicolette Brink –

decisive empowered resilient

Nicolette’s purpose is to lead, inspire and to invigorate the truth about life and living it to the fullest. She posts about fitness, running and motivation. She also offers books and strong social media accounts!


10. Emily Freeman-

Life In Spandex

Emily is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who believes that every woman should be able to look and feel her best without sacrificing what she loves. She makes fitness fun and healthy eating taste good – check her out!


11. Kara Michelle –

fit chick nextdoor

Kara is a self-proclaimed semi-pro at life. Her blog started as just a fitness blog but has now expanded to cover such topics as Life and Style. Whether is fitness, lifestyle or fashion advice you’re after; Kara has you covered.


12. Noémi Máté –

wealthy in health

Noemi is new to the blogging scene, but she’s well on her way to owning a popular blog. She covers all things fitness and should eventually be one of your go-to places for workout and nutrition advice.


13. Megan Justice –

Insert Meal Here

Insert Meal Here is a meal planning app. It’s essentially an all in one recipe catalog, meal planner and grocery list. It’s everything you need to eat healthily without any fancy gizmos or unnecessary padding. It’s pretty cool if you ask us!


14. Carly Ferguson –

Fit Living

Carly started her blog back in 2014 when she decided she needed a creative outlet to display all the things she was passionate about. Today, you can find a multitude of fitness and exercise posts as well as a bunch of nutrition posts.  This blog is definitely one you want to watch!


15. Dixie Elliott –

Little Steps To Health

Dixie’s faith has given her ideas for her blog, that puts into practice the important details of a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you’re a christian with a passion for fitness, Dixie is your friend!


16. Geneviève Germaine Dubois –

GiGi Eats Celebrities

Geneviève (or GiGi as she’s more well known) posts all about her travels and good eats. She explores her way through the myriad of celebrity fad diets out there to see if they work. Her hilarious take on fad diets is addictively funny – we suggest this blog to turn a bad day around!


The End


Do you have a blog we should know about? Let us know through our contact page!


  1. Thanks for linking my blog <3 I promise, I will do my best to write my approach on thinkgs people want to read about :)

  2. Ruth Knox says:

    Love #13! There is great information here.

  3. Kara says:

    This is amazing!! Thank you so much for adding me to this list of kick-ass people. I promise not to let you guys down :)


  4. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for the mention!!! :)

  5. Angel says:

    Bookmarked. Thank you, This is a great list.

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