14 Things you should buy used

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You can save a lot of money by buying quality used products. This way you can save money while not compromising on your quality standards. Read the following articles to get a deeper insight into the benefits of used products.

One of the biggest money savers would be buying a used car. Going for sticker price is an expensive bargain. Try searching the used-cars market for a decent deal. You can purchase a quality used car for a minimum of $5000. This price is better than sticker prices soaring around $15,000 -$ 20,000.

Recreational equipment
Buying new RV’s or boats can be an expensive deal. Look in your local newspaper and online for amazing deals on used recreational vehicles.

There are dozens of websites and online services that offer books for less than a dollar. You can also acquire free e-book versions of your favorite books. When the web has your demands, you don’t need to spend on books.

Buying a new timeshare may be a terrible choice. Experts suggest that owners are willing to do anything to get rid of the yearly maintenance fees. Avoiding a tele-sales pitch can save you thousands of dollars.

The charm of a new house is that it won’t require any repairs. Experts suggest that buying used homes may actually help you save thousands after proper inspection.

Exercise & sporting gear
Try buying gym equipment from online sites such as eBay and Freecycle. Investing in safety gear is a wise option. Buying weights is a good bargain as they don’t go bad.

Buying used furniture is often a decent bargain. Survey your house, if you think your furniture is old you can always pawn the old ones and add on more to buy decent used furniture items.

Jewelry that is not gold will devalue faster than automobiles. If you want to buy something expensive and want to save money too, then search in pawn shops or eBay for vintage style jewelry.

Infant gear
Try not investing heavily in infant clothes or baby gear. They usually outgrow their cots, clothes etc. try buying used baby clothes and toys so that you can sell them again when your baby grows.

If you have clothes that you don’t wear then clean your closet and donate the hand-me-downs to a charity center. This will give you a tax deduction. You can make some money then sell your clothes at a re-sale store.

Buying used dishware can save more than 80%. Thrift shops, online stores and yard sales are where you can get used crockery. You will get good deals when you visit these places.

Used electronics can save you a lot of money given that you do proper inspection.

Video games and movies
You can trade your old DVD’s and video games for some money. You will find a lot of people online looking for old movies and video games So if you have a vintage collection then try selling it for a good amount. Use the money generated to buy used games and 4-5 month old movies.

Power tools and hardware
This is not your usual buy. You will find very few people buying hardware online. So this means you will find cheaper prices on the web. Since there are less buyers, chances are you will get a good deal on tool kits and other power tools.

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