10 Tips to Get Perfect Deal at a Farmers’ Market

September 26, 2012 Comments Off

Great deals are available at farmers’ markets but you will only benefit from them if you are a diligent shopper and know what to look out for. Making the right decision is essential if you want to save your cash.

Here are some tips that will improve your purchasing skills.

Carefully Check the Weight – Items that seem to be wet or damp weight more. Such items should be avoided as sometimes up to half the weight can be that of water.

Bulk Purchases – Bulk purchases can reduce the costs. If purchasing in bulk, negotiate a lower price. The farmer will most probably be willing to sell higher quantities of a product at lower prices.

Late Shopping – Try to shop late when most of the goods are sold. The leftover are usually sold at lower prices. But the quality of your purchase will be compromised.

Smart Phones for Smart Purchases – Some farmers and vendors may offer deals on Foursquare or other apps. Some of these apps also offer discounts if you use then. Take advantage of these features available on mobile phone.

Peak Season Purchasing – At peak seasons the number of sellers is higher and all of them compete to sell their product at the lowest price. Plus you will also get a larger variety of quality products. Therefore, you will end up with better products at good prices.

Bargain – If you like something but it’s too expensive, why not bargain? Start off with a price slightly lower to the price you are willing to pay. Hopefully the farmer will negotiate a price around the price you can afford.

Try Getting Hold of Some Vouchers – If you browse online, you most probably will come across some vouchers. Get hold of them as they can save you some dollars.

Order in Advance – If you book your order in advance the farmer will give you a discount. Advance booking will reduce the cost of the farmer who may pass on some of the benefit to you.

Joining a CSA – Purchasing shares of some farm will result in discounts being offered if they have a stall at the farmer’s market. This is a good decision as you will be getting a return on your investment plus discount on your purchases.

Financial Assistance – Seniors aged 60 and above are eligible for discount coupons. These coupons are accepted at local farmers’ markets and may even offer some good deals. Discounts up to even 50% may be availed through these coupons.

Community Support – Farmers usually offer discounts to people from their own community. Plus if you spend a large amount say around $100, you might get a discount on other products.

Track your Spending – It is easy to overspend at the farmer’s market. If you are not careful with your purchases, you will easily lose some dollars.

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